History of Kanyakumari

History of Kanyakumari : The temple city of Kanyakumari got its name from Kanyakumari Temple which is scenically placed at the union of three oceans. Ptolemy, the famous Roman scholar had described the city to have been a heart for fishery in the olden times. Also recorded information claims Kanyakumari to have been a significance centre for art and religion.

History Of Kanyakumari

Various fabulous myths have been connected with the birth of Kanyakumari. This great centre of trade and commerce has been below the rule of the Cholas, the Cheras, the Pandayas and the Nayaks. It was all through the sway of the Venad kings that Padmanbhapuram was declared as the capital of their kingdom and the present Kanyakumari came to be celebrated as Southern Travancore.

During the Travancore period, the city saw massive expansion, both, socially and economically. Christianity came to Kanyakumari for the period of 52 AD, with St. Thomas, who was one of the twelve Apostles of Christ.

The battle of Colachel between the Dutch East India Company and Maharaja Marthanda Varma, saw the crush of the Dutch. However, after the fall of the Pandya kings, Kanyakumari came under the rule of the British and remained so till India’s liberty in 1947.

History of Kanyakumari boasts of the power of almost all the religions and the different types of architectural heritage of the city today stands to its testimony

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